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Kiraila is a female Vtuber and Streamer. She often makes Gaming Releated Content and some Music. Her Style is Comfy lewd and she likes to make Jokes on the 18+ Side, thats why her Stream is always 18+. She also likes to be in Touch with her community thats why there are also some Just chatting Elements in her Streams too. Kiraila impersonate a Succubus and her design is a mix between Sexy and Cute.

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Kiraila was born as one of the First Succubi in the Ring of Lust as the Daughter of their Leader Asmodeaus. Her Eyes as Golden as her Fathers told everyone who she was and her Mother hid her from her father. As the serch for the First Born Daughter became Dangerous her mother decided that she has to disappear up to earth. So she went and directed some humans to do what she wants. As Time gone by she fell in Love with a magician and they ruled the world in Secret for hundrets of years. But one Day the magician had enough and cursed her. From this day forward she had to Live as a Cat girl bound by the magic at one Place. Till the Day she should be Freed.

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