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Ken is a martial artist with a knack for adventure in a variety of different genres. Ranging from MMORPGs, to MOBAs, Fighting Games, Rhythm Games, and much more! To be a great martial artist; just as the legendary Bruce Lee did with the origin of Jeet Kune Do, you have to be open and accepting to all things. If there's anything that involves the eastern aesthetic of katanas, fists flying, and the sounds of electric music...You'll be sure to find Ken there! He also sets out on his own expeditions within the multiple realms of Dungeons & Dragons, taking on foes and making new allies along the way!

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Ken Asakura was once an heir to his throne of the united nation known as "The Sakurai"; a land of unity and prosperity. Until one day tragedy struck, and the entire nation was destroyed before his very eyes. As he rushed to help protect his village, a mystical blade came to his side in his time of need...A keepsake of the village known as "Amaterasu"; a large nodachi that held the spirits of his ancestors within and watched over the village for generations with their origin being that of a Onna-Bugeisha, a female samurai. Legend has it she was the greatest before her spirit was sealed away in the blade.

As he rushed to protect his village, slaying outsiders and eldritch horrors with his newly acquired blade; a maiden in white was shown before his gaze leading the attack. Guided by the spiritual blade, he rushed forward to slay her--But was immediately paralyzed as the two made eye contact. She smiled at him before she walked away with her hands behind her back while the war waged...He nor Amaterasu knew what stopped his motion until an extreme rush of heat radiated across half of his body...This maiden in white was his mother, leaving behind a parting gift of a demonic entity that prevents Ken from mastering Amaterasu. This entity waited in hiding until this fateful day, showing as a dragon's tattoo across his body and corrupting his arm in the process. This pain exhausted the young man greatly, causing him to fall into a state of unconsciousness as his village fell around him. As he awoke, nothing was left but ruined buildings, wisps of spirits, purposely wandering souls, and a blood moon that haunts his village above.

He now sets out on a journey to become stronger, learn the truth behind Amaterasu, conquer this demon that resides within him...And eventually, rebuild his homeland of cherry blossoms from the ground-up.

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