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Katagiri Jinrou

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Seiso ๐Ÿบ VTuber and Owner of the Moonlight Brew Coffee Bar! It's my mission to be your Oshi and keep a smile on your face! Variety Channel play mostly Action RPGs, Horror Games, and Rouge Lites!

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Katagiri Jinrou is a charismatic and mysterious VTuber who goes by the name of Moonlit Brewmaster. By day, he runs a cozy and unique coffee bar called the "Moonlight Brew," a haven for those seeking a blend of warm ambiance and supernatural charm!

Katagiri Jinrou inherited the Moonlight Brew from his ancestors, who were renowned for their unique blend of coffee and their connection to the supernatural. Jinrou himself is a werewolf, and the Moonlight Brew serves as a gathering place for both the human and supernatural communities. He became a VTuber to share the magic of his coffee bar and connect with people from all walks of life.

Katagiri Jinrou is a skilled gamer and storyteller. His calm and collected demeanor hides the wild secret within. He has a penchant for Action RPG games and often involves his audience in decision-making during gameplay. Katagiri Jinrou values loyalty and camaraderie, traits that carry over into his werewolf persona.

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