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Oct 28, 2021
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On hiatus
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Every 14.53 Day(s)
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kasonRyu is a PngVtuber that starts off in late 2020 to early 2021 in Malaysia, although he doesn't stream much lately, he does make tiktok memes, arts on X (twitter) or occasionally streams games or arts on twitch, kasonRyu is also one of the early MyVT vtubers of Malaysia, he is currently working and has since gone on an indefinite hiatus, but he is still pretty much online and streams monthly and supports other Vtubers that are small and in Malaysia, also he frequently does commentary on foods as he is a chef for 4 and a half years at this point....

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Yes I was a demon lord that rule over dragons and was still the king of all demonic dragons till I was siphon by a Priest and trapped me in the dum human school boy who's 24/7 dum Thus my name is no longer 窮奇 and has decent into kason... Ryu? kasonRyu?? ᚲᚨᛊᛟᛜᚱᛉᚢ shall be my name ᚨᛚᛚᚠᚨᛏᚺᛖᚱ you shall blesses ᚲᚨᛊᛟᛜᚱᛉᚢ and de ó̸̀͋ṡ̸͝é̴̼̎ð̶̔͠ȗ̷͕ŕ̵̕ as we shall emerges and ᛏᚨᚲᚨ all that dares.....

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