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Kaorus Der Fan Roose

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A humble maid with skeletons in her closet. Kaoru makes content for the Russian audience, mostly learning rhythm games, recording covers and drawing. Her little peculiarity is the hautic bouncing range of her voice. She really likes to chat, but when she gets excited she gives out weird phrases. Because of the poor performance of her pc-main goal of hers is to save up for a new one, but despite this, she tries her best to please her audience!

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The closed secret church of the Roosa family has been holding its services in secret for years. It is located far from civilization, in an abandoned mansion where strangers don't usually enter. For the Roos sisters, the place has become a stronghold of their faith, as well as a way to keep their secrecy from prying eyes. After all, they all work here as maids to cover up the true activities of the church. You see, in a state that long ago seized land that for centuries had been the land of maids-things that have no documents or other identifiers, which is why the church of Roose has been using it for a long time

The last daughter of the Roose family, Kaoru, prepares to accept the hereditary office of priest and believes that this is her calling in life. However, everything changed when she found a strange device in the trash and began to explore the world of the Internet. She became fascinated with anime and geek culture, and it disturbed her spiritual balance. Now, not only is she not allowed out of the mansion so that nothing happens to the only current Episcopalian, she has also become a full-fledged hick, trying to hide her fervent fascination in front of the other holy sisters in the church.

But one day, a general who has just arrived from the front by a random scoop of events discovers a secret church in the mansion... In order to establish justice, she decides, even in defiance of her state, which she serves faithfully, to investigate and see for herself whether all the adherents of the church of Roos should be apprehended. Making a deal with Kaoru that while she will not touch anyone and will provide them at least temporary safety from the eyes of the government, who have begun to suspect something about the mansion full of maids but who have no master, the General on a documentary level rewrites the property of the mansion to herself, studying and investigating from within this whole mess... As time goes on, Episcopal Kaoru and General Ren begin to become more and more friends

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