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Kaneko Lumi

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Kaneko Lumi (金子瑠美) is a female VTuber, currently associated with Phase-Connect's 1.5 Generation alongside Amaris Yuri.

She was a member of CyberLive's 1st generation alongside Amaris Yuri, Momozora Seina, Utano Pandora and formerly Ayane Hylo before graduating from the agency on 31 March 2022.

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The star known as Gliese 6667C and space's greatest thief, Kaneko Lumi, is here! After traveling the universe for millennia, a shining blue planet caught her eye. Curious about the Earth and the creatures that inhabt it, this young, mischevious star is here to cause mischief and bring light to all that look upon her.

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