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Kandie is a VStreamer who makes content in English. She mostly plays casual games as well as some co-op and multiplayer games. Her height is 5'3.

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A Queen from the Kingdom of Sweets. While she adores her subjects, she became quite lonely and turned to streaming from the Candy Dimension to ours! She is made of candy, ranging from delicious cotton candy hair to a mouth watering jawbreaker body, she is head to toe the sweetest thing this realm has ever seen! She smells like a candy shop, and will often call others "stinky" as she often does not smell things that are not sweet or made of candy. Her official title is Queen Kandie Kayn, Ruler of the Kingdom of Sweets. She has also been known to her most loyal subjects (and worshipers) as the Deity of Deliciousness. They often pay tribute to her with offerings of candy and other assorted sweet goods, and she rewards them with blessings of protection. What do they need protection from? That's a mystery known only to the Queen and the citizens of the Kingdom of Sweets...

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