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Kamosa is a male VTuber with a focus on variety video game content. Being extremely silly and somewhat overconfident at times, he befuddles all with his questionable logic and light-hearted mockery. He plays a mix of competitive multiplayer games, as well as single player titles, and claims to be the best at platformers.

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Once, a very long time ago, a civilization crumbled.

The now-deserted island of Atropos was once rich in agriculture and trade, a veritable paradise in the making. But the conflict of the gods above had reached the world below, and the mortal people were not spared the rod.

Two deities, presently unnamed, clashed high in the skies above the island, while their monsters rampaged upon the land. There were no survivors.

As the battle concluded, a curious phenomena occurred. The spirits of the fallen rose again, bathed in the light of the weeping full moon, and empowered by the holy magics of the gods. They returned, as Wills o’ the Wisp.

These Wisps searched for their cadavers, trying desperately to cling to life, but their willpower was found lacking. One by one, they would either fade away, or be captured by the wandering island hags looting the battlefield. Eventually, all wisps faded, save for one.

A single Wisp remained, adrift along the water’s edge. It found the body it once belonged to. Was he a farmhand? A fisherman? His past mattered not. All that matters is returning to form.

And so, the ordinary islander named Kamosa rose again from beyond the mortal coil. He retained his humanity, but the hollow existence of the Wisp remains, as reflected in his newly lavender colored eyes. Everything seems normal for now, but the clutches of unlife have yet to break their hold.

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