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KakushiKiri (known more commonly as Kiri) is an American Virtual Youtuber who typically streams a variety of games spanning multiple different genres. His most favored game series to stream is the Yakuza series, along with any game that falls under the "metroidvania" genre. He is known for his rather vulgar and lewd nature on stream, despite admitting that he is not knowledgeable on those matters. As such, viewers commonly tease him by complimenting various aspects of his character or skill set, or by simply calling him a "tsundere".

Along with gaming, he has expressed his background in music (both instrumentally and vocally) and has done multiple karaoke streams for certain milestones and wishes to work towards being able to have a specialized stream centered around playing the drum set.

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As the world is in peace, the Demon Realm had sent Kiri to keep watch over the Human Realm in hopes of keeping the balance strong. As a proficient shinobi, Kiri had no problem infiltrating and has been diligent in his duties, however as time went on and technology advanced he realized the humans really didn't care that he was a demon, and as such he discarded his stealthy lifestyle and settled down in a shrine, where he takes on various tasks from the nearby townsfolk.

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