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Kaida is a mature content Vstreamer and content creator. She mainly speaks English, with a little bit of Tagalog, Japanese and Korean. She make a variety of content from FPS games, RTS games, Horror Games, Duolingo streams and Watch-alongs/Reacts. She considers her channel, her discord and any places with her viewers as a safe space for any adult (18+) to enjoy. She tends to create more mature content due to sexual content/conversation, strong language and dark humor.

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Kaida grew up as a normal rebellious child of divorced Filipino parents. Sneaking out, illegally driving, drinking, smoking and gang violence were part of her growing up. She continued driving her own life, defying her parents, not completing school, eventually moving in and out of her mother's house depending on her own love life, leaving her mother in her own man-hate complex. Upon returning one year, she found that her mother had finally found a lover; a Japanese man, doting on her mother with money and 'health expertise' to help her growing ailments.

Originally, she was glad her mother had gotten over her internal issues from her previous marriage, however her relationship with her mother's eventual fiancé quickly developed when it was revealed how he made his money, his selfish political alignments and his old views of 'owed respect'. They soon started to clash after he moved in, and one night, after surviving a break down at work, Kaida returned home to her Mom's fiancé pitching a fit about her being 'disrespectful' because she did not want to talk to anyone over dinner. She was kicked out, and a personal vendetta developed.

Within her rage, one last confrontation that took place within his criminal 'workspace' triggered something within her that caused the python tattoo that wrapped around her right arm to come to life, springing from her palm to attack her mom's fiancé. He didn't last long in his older, frail age. Bloodied and somewhat relieved, she stood over his body and the snake returned to her arm and sunk back into her skin as a tattoo. Moments later, she was approached by Kudiy, his boss, offering her his former position within his circle.

With that she was gifted the Underground, a subterranean club, in which to operate out of.

Several months in, a job she saw fit to personally handle went wrong and she was kidnapped.

She awoke in the hospital a couple months later, beaten, tattoo-less and with no memory of who she was or most of the people were around her. She drifted through life, slowly trying to rebuild her friendships and relationships with the promise of the doctors that things would come back on their own.

A Quarter of a year passed, and a certain heartbreak had triggered her to become isolated and unhealthy. Seeing her fall so low caused Kudiy to become impatient and bring her out of her apartment, dressing her in her old clothes to bring her to the Underground in attempt to jog her memory. A new trauma induced headache had started earlier that day began to build and once she approached the security point to the more elite section of the underground, her snake tattoo reappeared. By the time she began to enter the main floor of her former base of operations, surrounded by old friends and lovers - her headache caused her to collapse. Seeing what appeared to be 'flashbangs' of her former memories, everything started to slowly leak back in and by the end of the night, she'd recovered most details of her life.

She continues to reign supreme over The Underground, which she's also made her home by converting and old massive storage room into her bedroom.

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