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julymarte ( often referred just as july, pronounced as ju-lee not as the month! ) is a variety Vstreamer and artist from Italy but streams mostly in english. She usually streams for at least 3 days a week, mostly art and videogames ranging from graphic adventure to mmo to gacha games and more. She's got a chill vibe and has a passion for pop-culture and may occasionally do watchalongs, she also likes music and can be often be found humming along the music during her streams.

Despite not being a pro Vartist ad rigger she made all her models by herself, she has a big collection of pngtubers.

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julymarte is a sleep deprived alchemist and researcher who appreciates equally science and magic and believes the stars can greatly affect the result of a succesful concoction, one day a brghtly colored falling star captured her attention, she followed it in the woods to find a cute mysterious furball that is now her pet/assistant and that she named izzy, she hopes one day to find out where it came from

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