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Juice is a Himbo with a Wild Pompadour and a firm belief there's life out there, and we can and will chokeslam them. He broadcasts every Monday and Wednesday at 8 and 9PM CST, streaming games to do with UFO and Paranormal Studies along with a mix of Wrestling Games and others. JuiceNoose debuted June 5th 2023

A Wrestling Fanatic, Juice is known for going a bit wild on stream when he gets in the ring, but at the same time will cower in fear at the idea of running into a little grey alien. His new goal in life after witnessing UFO phenomena first hand is to sharpen up his Xenobiology, Xenoarcheology and Xenolinguists skills with the many simulators he can find online, while sharpening his body in the ring against Pro Wrestlings best.

We will find Life out there and then Suplex them through a burning table.

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As a kid, Juice grew up in a normal household, a little house on the prairie at the end of a runway. Though, the thing about Air Bases is they seem to attract the wildest things, and one night when Momma Noose was asleep and Little Juice was up just a little too late watching wrestling, he saw a great large triangle floating in the sky right over where the Airbase was, and just as soon as he saw it, it was gone.

This little sighting, that could have been chocked up to sleep deprevation, sparked a new passion in Juice to explore the paranormal world of UFOs and Aliens. While being the (only) leading expert on UFOs in his town, Juice set out to become even more knowledgable in the field of UFOs while also training his body so that if they ever did make contact, and it wasn't peaceful, he's be ready to hop into the ring with whoever came out of those flying Saucers and make them humble.

He also has a cat named Spooky that joins him.

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