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Izunia is a Chaotic Evil Virtual YouTuber and Scientist with 2 separate personalities who specializes in live streaming various games on his channel. His content is primarily centered around the captivating world of Honkai Impact 3rd and engaging chats with viewers. Join Izunia as he delves into the chaos of gaming, showcasing his mischievous side and scientific insights. From epic battles in Honkai Impact 3rd to thought-provoking conversations, there's never a dull moment in Izunia's digital laboratory.

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In a distant corner of the cosmos, Izunia once stood as the eminent leader scientist of CERN. His pursuit of knowledge and understanding led him to delve into the enigmatic realms of event horizons and Kerr black holes. However, one fateful day, he mysteriously vanished, leaving behind nothing but unanswered questions. It is speculated that a critical error in his equations caused him to tumble into an artificial black hole, locking his essence away in the depths of spacetime.

Trapped within the confines of this artificial black hole, Izunia faced the prospect of complete disintegration. Yet, in his final moments, he dared to conduct a forbidden experiment. This experiment transcended the boundaries of science and ventured into the realms of the arcane. He reduced himself to molecular levels and fused his very being with the essence of Time and Space. Emerging from this cosmic crucible, he reappeared in the universe, wielding newfound powers over the fabric of reality itself.

Izunia embodies two distinct personalities within her singular existence. The first is known as Zero, a feminine persona characterized by unwavering calmness and boundless joy. Zero serves as the anchor, maintaining equilibrium within Izunia's body and ensuring the second personality does not unleash chaos upon the world.

The second personality remains nameless but is often referred to as "The Scientist" by Zero. This enigmatic entity revels in the art of causing misery and chaos. It possesses a detached perspective on existence and frequently looks down upon its subjects. The Scientist is driven by malevolence and uses its vast knowledge to amass an overwhelming degree of power. With paranormal abilities far surpassing conventional science and technology, it wields the capacity to manipulate time and space, capable of unraveling the very fabric of reality. As an omnipresent being bound to the essence of Time and Space, Izunia can traverse any timeline or universe at will. He exists simultaneously across multiple dimensions and can manifest his presence in countless realms, shaping and observing the course of events.

Izunia's visage is a captivating fusion of normal and otherworldly features. Snow-white hair cascades around his head, framing two prominent demon-like horns that spiral upward. His bangs sweep past his mesmerizing light purple eyes, while the rest of her hair is gathered into a low, flowing ponytail. On his right cheek, a distinct roman numeral XI is etched in a shade that mirrors the color of their eyes.

Their attire is equally enigmatic, consisting of a pristine white, long-sleeved shirt beneath a light gray overcoat adorned with striking purple stripes. Below, he dons dark gray shorts, featuring an intricate, cosmic pattern reminiscent of a star-studded night sky. When assuming the persona of Zero, her hair flows freely, and she adorns herself with long white socks.

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