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Iza Laine

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Iza Laine is an independent Virtual Streamer who makes content in English, but can also speak German, Greek and Filipino. Asides from playing a variety of games, they also occasionally stream their creative process in both art and music.

Iza Laine's height is 157cm (5'2"), their birthday is April 19th.

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Holding the title of "13th Embodiment of Chaos", Iza Laine is a void entity who was created in order to bring chaos upon this universe. They initially rejected this path - choosing to blend in with humanity instead. Soon, Iza Laine realized that this wasn't something they could do for long.

Not wanting to hide themselves for any longer, they let their powers slowly take over - resulting in a change of appearance alongside of a deeper understanding of their powers. With this newfound knowledge of their abilities, learning that each universe's Embodiment of Chaos has their own way of fulfilling their purpose, Iza Laine chose to manifest chaos through their music: fast-paced, heavy-hitting, but still melodic.

Where will this path take them next?

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