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Hello, My Name is Moonlight I am a Galaxy Wolf from Galaxia. He started streaming in 2021 and in a little over a year he reached 300 followers. He streams multiple types of gaming content (Mostly Sandbox and Rhythm) He is Crazy, Outgoing, Kind, and tries to be a friend to all people no matter any differences about them.

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On a small planet called Galaxia. A baby was born, The parents decided to name him Moonlight. Over Moonlight’s childhood he was treated differently from everyone else cause of one reason… He could change the type of animal he was.. The issue was unlike all the other kids that randomly transformed into terrifying/cute creatures Moonlight could only turn into cute animals. He would go home telling his parents what happened and they would comfort him. Then when he was only 8… A army from a rival planet came and attacked Galaxia. When the war was near its peak Moonlight’s parent knew it wasn’t safe for him anymore there. So they sent him to a planet called Earth. When he landed on Earth he was scared and confused. He went walking around little by little till a family saw him. When they saw him they could tell somthing was different about this kid. He had hair that looked like a galaxy, ears, and glasses his eyes we different colors and his eyes had stars on them. they knew they couldn’t leave him there wandering around, So they took him in and raised him as their own. Getting used to earth was a stretch for Moonlight. But eventually he got the hang of it. That is when he found about the online world. He met so many new people that he would soon call them his friends. He then decided to start creating videos to try to make even more people happy and meet others. Moon has finally gotten used to earth and people have now recognized him and all his changes as a new normal they need to get used to.

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