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ItIsMoss or Moss Petrichor is a german English-speaking Vtuber who enjoys creating content around her own lore "Cluster" and playing games with strangers on the internet. Moss is a traveling merchant goat lady who goes on adventures with her mascot Boss. Not only that but she is also a Vartist who created Vtuber-models and other assets.

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Moss Petrichor is a traveling merchant goat lady who wanders around in the land of Cluster. Cluster's inhabitants vary and spread diverse from humans to beast-like creatures to robots and much more.

Technology and magic fuse together to form a brighter future for everyone...After all, the Wildlands, connecting the different cities, villages, and regions together, are inhabited by monsters and beasts that run feral and act on their natural instincts. However, nature also spreads across the fields as old ruins lay to be discovered, adventures to be held, and land to cover.

During the old ages when magical technology slowly started to have its uprising and steam power was still number one, not many people could keep themselves safe from the monsters that wait to hunt their prey and slay the weak. With that "The Elite" were formed to keep the people of Cluster safe.

From generation to generation, The Elite were chosen members that were the best of the best in what they do.

Fighting, creating, mending. All that was for the people of Cluster. Now, they have disbanded due to the breakup of the last Elite group. The reason for the breakup?

A member perished and everything started to fall apart. With that, the last members went out to their native region to still keep it safe and look after them.

However, where heroes fall, new ones rise up. Quickly, more and more people chose to become adventurous. To help the people and stand up and fight for them, just like the elite once did.

She's one of them. Moss Petrichor. Her father, William Petrichor, was a fallen member of the Elite. But... Things are unclear. She believes he's still out there and she's going out to find him.

Traveling from region to region, selling her wares, Moss tries now to locate the last members of The Elite to dig for information about what happened to her father.

One lingering problem follows her though... The magic of this world, so-called "threads" give each individual person the unique magic. This magic can be weaved into a more powerful one. Anything with a soul has a thread. Yet... Moss's is knotted. It doesn't work as it should.

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