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Indigo & Vermillion Monroe

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Indigo and Vermillion have been together since September 4, 2020. Indigo has been creating content since 2019, Vermillion joined her in late 2022. Indigo enjoys playing a variety of games with a focus in cozy games and horror games. She also enjoys drawing and creating animations. Vermillion enjoys the Final Fantasy Franchise, Deep Rock Galactic, Team Fortress 2, and recently discovered a love for Helldivers 2.

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Indigo grew up in a world of poverty and abuse. This upbringing caused her to resent others and take on the mentality that everyone was out to get her. Her trust in others was non existent and she eventually settled with marrying a man who chose hurt over love. In the deepest of her depression, Indigo turned to streaming and content creating as an escape from an abusive husband, being a full time student, and working for a exploitive job that overworked her to the bone until she snapped. Finally she decided enough was enough.

In the year of the Pandemic, she and her abuser agreed to have an open marriage, she quit her toxic job, and tried her best to improve in her schooling. Indigo found it hard to balance a new job (let alone keep one), go to school full time, escape reality into the world of content creating, and survive a horrible marriage. One night, when all felt lost, Indigo noticed a notification on the dating app she was on. It was a message from a young man saying, "What would you say is you best work of art?" Feeling relived it wasn't some horn dog asking for sex, she responded to the man, beginning a new chapter in her life.

Vermillion spent the first part of his childhood being raised by his mom, before spending he teen and young adult years with his father. Vermillion spent his youth and young adult years alone most of the time. Until 2017 when he befriended a few co-workers and created a friend group. Amongst this friend group, he found his Best Friend. Over the next few years Vermillion would spend a lot of time with his new friend group, and especially his best friend. This Best Friend would make sure to encourage Vermillion to move out on his own and even start looking for a girlfriend. Taking his advice, Vermillion did exactly that. In the year of the Pandemic, Vermillion got an apartment in the same complex as his best friend and signed up on a few dating sites. He sent many messages, but rarely heard back or spoke for long. One night after work however, that changed.

Indigo and Vermillion began talking to each other, playfully flirting, and eventually decided to meet. Vermillion met Indigo and her Husband. They all had lunch and talked about boundaries while getting to know each other. Originally, Vermillion and Indigo planned to be friends with benefits. But after a month, that changed.

Things began to look up for Indigo. She had a boyfriend who cared about her, she started a new job, she was making new friends with Vermillion's friend group, and she finally had the courage to ask her husband for a divorce. However, despite getting away from her now ex and trying her best to bounce back, she still flunked out of college. But she didn't let this effect her too much. She buckled down, worked on her content, and worked hard at her day job. She did what she could to get through each day. Despite all of her set backs she's faced in life, she still refuses to stay down, and will always get back up after a fall. Wither the help of her therapist, she will heal her wounds and life a long, happy, and healthy life.

In late 2022, Vermillion asked Indigo if he could join her streaming and help her out with her work load. She happily said yes, then in January 2023, she said yes again to Vermillion's Proposal to be his wife. They've spent so long growing together. They've experienced laughter. love, and loss. But they've done it together. And with this new adventure in the world of streaming and content creating, as well as life in general, they will continue to face what's ahead of them together.

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