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Illythekitty is a 19 year old girl from central Scotland who streams and takes part of her friends youtube and stream content. She sucks at videogames put plays them anyway. Illys biggest motivation for streaming is giving people a space to relax and talk about things they enjoy in chat, all while she repeatedly dies in that one part of the game that's supposed to be easy. Illy is very open about her opinions and feelings about events and situations, and wont hesitate to tell the truth about stuff. She likes making people believe in themselves and user her platform to also encourage others to try at what she does. Illy has autism, adhd, and a rare, chronic disease called cystic fibrosis. So she struggles to have a schedule for streams; but even so, she tries her hardest to make sure she can be the best that she can be at the time

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Illythekitty’s character, Illiana is a 19 year old catgirl from Scotland. This hyper ball of green fluff loves playing videogames despite how much she absolutely SUCKS at playing them; she doesn't let that get her down though, as the satisfaction of SOMEHOW completing that one level is worth the 2 hours she spent crying on it.

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