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Ichiigo Yuuki

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Yuuki is a male english speaking Vtuber who variety streams throughout quite a few fps games but is currently branching out with his talkshow "Hungry for Knowledge" where he likes to learn about Vtuber's content journeys, their special skills and whatever knowledge he can get his paws on!

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Yuuki was once a komainu statue burdened with standing guard at a shinto shrine, after years and years of being able to do nothing but stand guard Yuuki requested his Kami for an opportunity to go out on his own and see the rest of the world, the Kami reluctantly agreed but unbeknownst to Yuuki he would be abandoned once he went off on his own. Lost and unable to understand the outside world Yuuki passed out in an alleyway only to be discovered by "The Gambler" a man Yuuki would soon treat like a father and call Boss, that man patched him up, fed him and treated him as he would any of his other "Sons". After years working for him Yuuki was able to found a Bōsōzoku gang known as the "Atarashī kamigami" or "New Gods" as a subsidiary of the Yakuza family, since then Yuuki got lazy and likes to slack off in his shrine unless someone encroaches on his turf or The Boss needs a favor.

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