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2023/9/30 - First debut, RE:DEBUT - 02/09/2024
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Every 6.42 Day(s)
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HYPERKORO is a variety English-speaking Anomaly VTuber, VStreamer and VArtist, now just coming back from a streaming hiatus as a RE:DEBUT on 02/09/2024. Koro is focused on content of huge differences in-between, starting from comfortable farming games to strong psychological horrors.

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Once there was nothing, then there was everything, and everything was light. A light that wandered through the emptiness, wondering, 'Is there anything else in this place? What is anything else?'. Just hoping for eternity, expanding through the nowhere and lighting up that 'nowhere'. With time, thoughts filled up its mind. 'I do not want to be everything. I want to be something.' it thought, as it burst into a bang, separated into an uncountable of pieces, creating everything that is known to exist now. Only a part kept the feelings that caused it all.

The atmosphere spoke of a time when the cosmic energies of creation converged in a celestial dance, giving birth to this entity, that stayed with the feelings that the core of light had for now and forever. It was a being of pure radiance, composed of shimmering strands of prismatic light that intertwined to form a humanoid shape, made as a thing that blurred reality and miracles altogether.

After floating in space for lots and lots of years, IT finally woke up from its eternal sleep.

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