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Hunalulu (Pronounced hun-uh-loo-loo and also known simply as Lulu), is an English-speaking female independent VTuber based in the United States. She is a Vampire VTuber who debuted on January 25th, 2021.

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A Vampire that's been hiding in the shadows for who knows how long. Her mother was a witch and her father a vampire, which resulted in a vampire that's able to walk around in the daylight and doesn't have the typical weaknesses of your average vampire, and yes, she was born and is a living creature. She has a habit of changing her looks so that she can better blend into her surroundings when she wanders out of her Crypt which is located in an unknown location. Those that find their way into the Crypt don't normally find their way out and instead simply find a room of their own to relax in. Her Crypt is full of monsters, ghouls and animals that happen to wander in, causing her to have to often remind the various residents (viewers/fans) to not eat or cook anyone else. Hunalulu can often be seen with a Cat-Bat (Cat with bat style wings) and a Ghost Cat by her side, or sitting in front of her on her stream. She is obsessed with tea and takes breaks to refill her cup while reminding her Lurkers to do the same and take care of themselves. Those that refuse to, live in fear of her magically flying cast iron frying pan that is upgraded on occasion. Her favorite game is Final Fantasy 14 (FF14) and if you ask questions about the game she'll happily try to help you out.

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