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Hisui is an artist, Live2D rigger, and streamer sharing in the fun of making something or playing game, whichever appeals to her on the day! She also does chill drawing streams every so often, showing her process with digital art. With a cozy yet enthusiastic atmosphere her streams are a simple place to hang out, talk about anime, or just vibe.

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An Alien-Elf archivist from another dimension of fantasy, sent to study and record Earth's Arts and Culture. Hisui arrived from across a space boundry crashlanding into a convention center. While her mission was just to record, she found it much more fun to participate in creating art and continues to do so. She definitely didn't get so caught up in reading a bunch of comics and watching anime, that she wanted to do it too, totally forgetting she was on Earth to do a job...definitely not!

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