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Hexie is a female yandere demon cat Vtuber. Hexie enjoys playing horror games and causing chaos. Especially If there is fire involved, Hexie will be there.

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Hexie wasn’t always a cat, nor was she always a demon. Long ago, she too, was once human. She was a very mischievous person, always looking for new ways to have fun. However, this desire led her to meet the wrong people, and for that, she would pay the price. In what seemed to be a series of unfortunate events, her home was engulfed with flames, taking the lives of her parents at the tender age of 14. Almost poetically, Hexie passed away with a fate similar to her parents. She did not go out in a blaze of glory, but rather a pitiful sputter of flame. Hexie, with all of her mischievous ideologies, ended up in Hell. Lucifer herself met Hexie. She had been watching her for quite some time. She gave Hexie a choice. Be sent to an eternal abyss, never to feel again, or work for Lucifer herself. Almost excitedly, Hexie chose to work for Lucifer, soging the pact with blood. Hexie began to feel different, almost cat-like. She felt stronger. Lucifer gave Hexie but one command. Go back from whence you came, to Earth, and wreak havoc as you wish, and introduce those to our fiery yet humble abode. Hexie was given her first assignment from the Queen of Hell. To track down a certain individual, and bring them to hell, any means necessary. Hexie revelled in her newfound powers, pouncing at any chance to use them, and now, was that chance. A female. No alias, no one would notice if she were to disappear. Thus, Hexie began to track her, fully intent on killing her. But she didn't. She felt a weird pang in her chest. She felt like this woman, was more than she seemed. Hexie grew curious, stalking this young woman. Through school, through parks, even through her own windows. Hexie grew obsessive over her, and aggressive towards any who approached the woman. A few months had gone by, and Lucifer grew impatient. As an example, the woman Hexie grew possessive of mysteriously died. Lucifer had killed her, and as such, she must go to heaven, not hell. Hexie, furious, continued to wreak havoc on the world. Killing any who looked even remotely like the woman, out of desperation to send her to hell...

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