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Hex Demonhunter

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Hex is a transgender female VTuber who plays a variety of games and maintains a Youtube channel. Her stream assets are largely self-produced, and she is accompanied onstream by the Demon Doorman Hecktor who delivers her chat Redeems.

Her Lore is revealed as time goes on, unlocking with community goals, in the form of events that unfold alongside the stream. These events are presented as videologs, audiologs and music videos hosted on her Youtube channel.

She is also a musician and artist. Her Followers are named Hunters. Her logo features her name and title, framed by angelic wings and a halo.

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Once an angel, Hex saved the Demon Hecktor from his kin while on patrol in Porta Centrum City. She was stripped of her status for this action, and formed a bond with him that led to the formation of The Dive, an independent Demonhunting group trying to protect the city from those that are quietly invading. The current storyline, the "Foothold" Arc, sees the pair attempt to put an end to the reign of the Duke, a Demon who oversees Infernal operations in the City.

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