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Hex Dawnwing

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Hex is a catwolf variety streamer, playing everything from comfy-cozy games like Slime Rancher or Stardew Valley, to puzzlers like Portal or The Witness, to racers like Trackmania, to FPS games like Destiny 2 and Hunt: Showdown (although they have a tendency to hyper-focus on only one game during events). They also hold the occasional Lego-building stream.

Their puzzle solving skills has led them to call themselves a Bigbrain, although their viewers often doubt this, calling them a Catbrain instead. They also maintain they are very seiso, cool and vicious.

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Part of the first experimental humanoid dimensional hop team in their original dimension of ██████████, Hex originally came to Earth as a Trans-dimensional Cultural Liaison. However, the dimensional translocator malfunctioned upon arrival, draining the power cell, stranding them in this dimension without a team or power-source big enough to send them back (they now wear the cell as a necklace). Deciding to make the best of it, they made their temporary home in The Netherlands (because of the similarities to their home-town of ████████, and continues their cultural research. They got obsessed with Earth's Japan, video and board games, and Lego, and ended up as a streamer, sending back samples and reports while they wait for a more reliable translocator to be finished to take them back home.

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