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HentiVT is a 7ft demon who plays games ranging from Doom mods, Noita, League of Legends, Souls-likes, and a variety of horror titles with a mostly chill and yet critical outlook on things. His humor mainly stems from looking at things as a pessimist mentality while other times being overly optimistic during awful situations to further feed into the feeling of helplessness. His themes range from having a collection of figures stored in jars within a fridge, hellish landscapes, as well as reminiscing the 90s and early 2000s era of gaming and cartoons. Henti likes to add more ways for chat to interact with him via commands like shooting him with a Doom Super Shotgun.

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Henti is a demon who resides in Hell. He has been fired from multiple jobs for exhibiting overly degenerate behavior, even for a demon. In Hell, even demons have to keep up with the times, but the higher-ups are notoriously technologically illiterate. Henti saw an opportunity and seized it. By exploiting the ignorance of Hell's bureaucrats, he managed to divert a generous portion of Hell’s funds for his own use, all under the guise of "essential research into human entertainment."

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