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Henryq QY

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HenryqQY is a VStreamer that does comfy and chill gaming and some times writing or art streams. He is shy and afraid of making mistakes but is friendly and likes to joke a lot, sometimes even ending up going too far. Still, he does his best to have welcoming content and make people feel comfortable. Currently he is writing many books and uses streaming as a way to gather friends and people who would be interested in his stories for when he publishes.

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Born in 1600 Mairye the queen of Caleias couldnt have a child so they created an artificial womb to soon give birth to the artificial boy, he would raise being bullied and seeing an entire district of the kingdom obliterated made him slowly lose his energetic side.

At age 17 he become a dreamer, the kingdom opened a test to decide the new member of the Knights of the New Boon, he took the test and was fooled that he passed, taking a time to reflect, but meeting a bealtiful girl, dating her and both having first experiences togueter gave him will again so he took the test and officially became a Knight.

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