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Hatenashi Raza

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Hatenashi Raza is a male Vtuber/Vstreamer who makes content in english(also knows Romanian and Japanese though he needs a translator for comments in Japanese). He streams a variety of games, though he has a preference for souls-like games. His calm vibes and unusual approach to most games are the trademark of his streams, he also takes the time to explain most of his choices and has encouraged several people to try games they had overlooked so far/before. Also of note he has stated interest in making song covers("unravel" and "fear not this night" have been mentioned a number of times) and has done a few voice acting shorts on YouTube(unlisted) as well as a bit of art and posted them on twitter before starting to stream. Lastly in the few among us collabs he participated in, he has proven himself to be both a terrifying good detective as well as a master manipulator as a killer(most of these were before he started streaming but can be seen on other participants' channels) Quotes: "Dark Souls is not as hard as people think, BUT and this is a big BUT(…)it requires a bit of a different mentality. Don't consider your deaths as defeats, treat them as coins, as the price to pay for information and real life experience with a obstacle." "After all there's a reason death is so integrated in the game's mechanics"

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Hatenashi Raza claims to be among the most ancient of all beings immortal or otherwise...and that might not even be the tip of the iceberg... Unlike other beings that have arrived in this world and taken up Vtubing, he claims to have been a human resident of this world before he awakened as a immortal. Shortly after awakening he was forced into the position of "Narrator of Realities" by the primal goddess of change as punishment for stopping the end of his world and to serve as her entertainment. Some time later and after getting hit in the face by a fire bird almost leaving earth(this might be a reference to Kiara(of Hololive)'s2th debut where she mentions something knocked her back to earth and he has mentioned she was the one who inspired him to start as a Vtuber, the time also fits) ,he found a loophole he was able to use to trap the goddess of change as a tiny blue spirit inside his now green eye. The trade for this victory however is that he's now linked to the living void(now his true form)as it's "will" and needs to feed it memories with strong emotions. To this end he has made vessels(models) from his memories as a mortal and started Vtubing to enrich people's memories with the flavors he enjoys the most: happiness, joy and good times.

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