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A Cybernetic Fennec with an affinity for destruction. Taking a break from un-aliving contracts to bring you entertainment!

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Nanachi Hantomei is a 20 year old 'Kemono' Fennec from an alternate reality where many other mammalian/reptilian species branched off during evolution to evolve into humanoid variations alongside humans. She was born in Japan in 2112 C.E. Current year is 2132 C.E.

When she was 10 years old, she found a red crystal next to a river not far behind her home. Unknowing to her was a Void Crystal of Destruction with the Lightning Attribute. All she knew was that holding the crystal allowed her to generate sparks of electricity at will, and spent a good part of the day playing with it. It wasn't until it was time to go home for Dinner that the horrors of these crystals became known to her.

When she put the crystal down to take her sandals off, the corruption hit her all at once. Immediately she began to suffer searing pain as if she was on fire both inside and out and began to bleed from every orifice. It was here that many of the black markings on her body began to appear as the pigments of the fur and skin were 'seared' black by the corruption, as well as the loss of her eyesight as her once light-purple eyes 'burned' black and red. She suffered lots of internal damage as well as her body was too small at the time to survive the effects of corruption. Parts of her brain had also suffered severe damage, causing a permanent shift in personality and behavior.

Upon seeing her enter this state, her parents took her to the nearest hospital where her damaged body was repaired with extensive cybernetics. Her entire skeletal structure had to be equipped with an internal cybernetic frame to assist her in moving as many of her nerves had been too damaged for her muscles to respond effectively to her brain's signals. Many of her organs had to be replaced with bio-tech replacements, hybrids of cybernetic hardware, and synthetic tissues. Her eyes had to be implanted with some cybernetics to restore her vision as they no longer worked properly on their own and is the most outwardly visible of the cybernetics. Lastly her brain received several cybernetic repairs, as well as some additions for the management of all the other newly installed cybernetics.

As is standard with the installation of an internal cybernetic frame, her growth genes related to height/weight had to be turned off as to not outgrow the frame and cause further damage to her body. While most fennecs of her species range from the 4-5ft range, she is stuck at 3'11" (counting her ears) as an adult. The same height she was 10 years ago when she found that crystal by the river.

As an adult, she continues to use these Void Crystals of Destruction, also known as 'Red Magika' due to the fact she is in a balanced state. She works as a mercenary in a Private Military Corporation, also known commonly as mercenary work. She is a Lightning Affiliated Red Magika Mage who utilizes the energy to create shockwaves to enhance her martial arts. Rather than casting Lightning related spells like most mages. she instead concentrates the full charge right at the point of impact. When this charge is released, it creates a super-concentrated crack of thunder that is directed outwards as a shockwave and blast of heat. The effects of these attacks means the strikes of her martial arts can cause severe burns/melting of metal, as well as internal damage to targets. Her ears have a cybernetic enhancement that features an 'auto-shutoff' when utilizing her magic, as to not damage her own earing.

She only has these abilities when she is wearing her Mage outfit due to the crystals being laid into the fabric. When she is in her normal everyday Kimono, she is relatively powerless aside from being a master at martial arts, though her physical strength is lacking.

Explanation of her Magika

These crystals are remnants of the big bang that were created when an unknown pre-current-universe race had created a 'Void Space' to escape the impending collapse of the previous universe. Following the Big bang, this Void Space exists parallel to Hantomei's universe.

By being in contact with these crystals, the wielder is able to access and utilize the energy from this Void Space. However this energy is completely alien to our universe and does not come without consequences. These consequences are referred to as 'Corruption'.

These effects do not take hold until after the user either relinquishes physical contact with the crystal, or have gone a period of time without the use of it's powers. It's at this point that the built up void energy diffuses from the body. The severity of corruption correlates with the usage of the magik in the time frame, so fights involving mages are usually quick and dirty to lessen the following corruption.

The effects of corruption range from just small, irritating sensations, up to more drastic, body altering effects that can temporarily change the looks and behavior of the wielder and/or affect their surroundings. While these effects will fade over time, the real danger is the permanent effects that stack over time.

The permanent effects are categorized into various stages. Red Magik is the one of focus here:

Stage 1: Minor headaches and occasional Blurring of vision/Dizziness. Some users may experience the Red discoloration of their eyes.

Stage 2: Random migraines, ear-ringing, and nosebleeds.

Stage 3: Constant migraines, frequent nosebleeds, and the user may hear whispering around them, but they are unintelligible, and unlocatable. [Current theory is this may be the Void Entities version of our radio waves]

Stage 4: Frequent bleeding from all orifices including, as well as confusion, hallucination, and the whispering is ever present. At this point the pupils are completely red, and the whites of the eyes may blacken.

Stage 5: This is considered the final stage of corruption and the chance of survival is low. ✿The user will either suffer death as their body burns to ash via fire or electrocution as the relevant affiliation becomes too much for their body to handle ✿The user will crystallize rapidly until their body is completely consumed, providing future mages with a new source of Magika crystals. ✿The user finds balance with the magika. Their body is forever changed from what it used be patches of skin/fur will be blackened, the eyes will be red/black, and the mage's personality will be altered, leaning towards a more aggressive disposition.

Should a mage find balance, they will no longer suffer the previous effects of the stages, except following the usage of magika, depending on the duration and extend of usage.

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