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Hanchu is a femme vtuber/vstreamer who primarily streams variety including single player campaign action/adventure games, shooters, JRPGs, and the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV on Twitch and creates highlight videos for YouTube. They co-run a raid group for FFXIV and are a professional voice actor heard in games like Alice Fiction and Arknights.

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The Vermilion Star Bird is an ancient creature tasked with transporting souls back into the cosmos and delivering wishes and dreams to be fulfilled.

They playfully lure departing or lost souls with colorful lanterns, and gently harvest them using a scythe, ensuring a painless and comfortable transport.

Once they swallow the light of the souls, they turn into a large fire bird flying across space and time, re-planting souls as stars waiting to be reborn. These “Star Seeds” fall off the Star Bird’s fiery plumes, painting the night sky with specks of light.

They find themselves on Earth on a forced vacation (a goddess stopped an apocalypse which halted a really big delivery), learning about humans and of their dreams.

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