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Hakuya Yatano

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Hakuya Yatano is a sleepy Sun Raven VTuber who plays a variety of games on Twitch. Exerting a chill energy, he enjoys a playful back and forth with his viewers. Somehow his streams always go much longer than intended to the detriment of his sleep schedule.

A believer in unironically enjoying one's passions. He genuinely finds League of Legends relaxing; solo queue ranked in particular, to the confusion of many around him. Despite lacking great singing skill, out of love he strives to do karaoke at the beginning and end of every stream.

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This ancient NEET claims to have retired from his duties as a Sun Raven courier to live in the Canadian Arctic; a lonely and desolate wasteland. He welcomes and entertains any traveler who manages to reach his secluded home. For some reason he spends his time in isolation planting firegrass flowers.

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