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Guusagi is a (secret) bunny girl Vtuber who wants to share her interests with a comfy vibe! She likes to stream Art, Project Diva Megamix+ and a variety of nostalgic childhood games, including rpg maker games, educational CD-ROM games and more!

She recently re-debuted with a L2D Model on January 27th 2024 (the art and rigging is self-made) and a 3D Model is currently in the works (commissioned).

Her design is inspired by her love for the ''short/long'' anime hairstyle as she calls it. Her design inspirations are Kobato, Tsukiko from Starry Sky and Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth, and her IRL self!

Guusagi's v.1 outfit was a large comfy hoodie, easy to hide in, while her new outfit reflects her personal growth and getting out of her shell. Her new outfit still keeps elements from her previous one - which symbolizes that her growth is still ongoing and not over yet.

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There was an enthusiastic and passionate bunny girl, Guusagi, who loved art, music, and anime. Her ears and tail were as soft as cotton, and not to mention adorable. She loved her features! She was unapologetically herself, in every way. Guusagi often listened to the latest hits from Vocaloid with her adorable friend, Usagi-kun! Usagi-kun is a smaller bunny with light beige fur and latte-colored accents on the ears. He often accompanied Guusagi wherever she went.

One day Guusagi was drawing by the stairs at school and had music playing from her phone. She didn't use headphones since she didn't want the wire to get in the way of her drawing. A few of her “friends” walked by and noticed what music was playing, scoffed, and laughed as they approached Guusagi. These so-called friends then proceed to make remarks such as “What are you listening to?? Ewww why do they sound like that?.” They then continued by looking at Guusagi’s artwork, “Oh that's cu- oh never mind what is that?? Aren't those the cartoons you like?” “It’s… it’s from a game I like,” Guusagi softly said. She was holding back tears as she didn't want her new bullies to see them fall. “Whatever, I always knew you were weird,” said one of the main bullies of the group. With this, Guusagi melted into despair.

After she returned home from school she wept and wept in her room. Usagi-kun tried to comfort her as much as possible, but sometimes it was just better to cry it out. A few weeks later, Guusagi lost her spark, her ears, and her tail in the process. She was a regular introverted human girl from then on… ashamed of who she was and what she loved. Guusagi built a protective shell of herself to never be bullied by others again. She was afraid to show her true self to anyone and didn’t want to experience those times again….

Years later, she grew up, yet Guusagi was still stuck in her life. What could she do? As the days went by, she missed enjoying the things she loved. She wondered if there was anyone else out there who… would like her, for her.

Usagi-kun had been by her side over the years and was a rabbit of few words. However, whenever it mattered the most, he always found the right things to say to Guusagi. “Let’s go outside for a small walk today, I have a feeling something good will happen,” Usagi-kun gently said. Guusagi replied, “Ah I don't know….” “Courage begins with one small step… come on. I’ll be right next to you,” said Usagi-kun.

As she was walking in a park outside, she overheard a conversation between two people. One person mentioned an idea to the other, “Why don’t you try streaming? I think you’ll be able to do it well!” Suddenly Usagi-kun paused mid-hop and turned to Guusagi. “You should try that too! I’ve heard of many people finding their niche from streaming…. I think it’ll be good for you,” Usagi-kun said.

After much thought and a quick search on her phone, Guusagi’s eyes widened! Her heart rate increased and felt a surge of energy. What was that? What was this feeling? It felt so light yet electrifying at the same time. Ah ha, it was the same spark she used to feel years ago! Guusagi slightly smiled to herself and thought “Why not?”

Adoring herself in a hoodie with bunny ears attached in the back, Guusagi felt ready to try. She loved this hoodie as she could still hold onto her ears and no one would see it unless they looked behind her. With Usagi-kun encouraging her and staying by her side, she timidly clicked the live button and….

Guusagi found her people- no- her bunnies!! Over time she grew more and more comfortable with herself, her community, and her passion for art and music. They accepted her for who she was! Guusagi realized that throughout her journey, she had met amazing people along the way! An elf girl lent her hand and encouraged her to keep trying. Thanks to all the support from her friends, community, and Usagi-kun, Guusagi was able to be herself again.

Months later as Guusagi found more happiness, she suddenly felt something on the back of her head… What were they? When she checked she felt a soft pair of… fluffy bunny ears?? Her ears were back!! Still hidden, but finally real again. Her tail reappeared too! Still a bit shy, Guusagi had decided to keep them to herself. This motivated her to continue her journey of self-confidence, comfort, and growth. She was ready to transform. Transform into a new version of herself. To help her passion even more, Usagi-kun gifted Guusagi a new outfit!! This outfit symbolizes her effort to become her true self again, and not be afraid to show it. It’s like Usagi-kun always said,

“You’re stronger than you think.”

Lore proof-read and written by CelesteElara Original lore draft by Guusagi

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