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Gumpai is an angel and is also a very sweet girl. Does not commit crimes. Is blessed with an IQ that transcends numbers. Does not depend on any substance to increase her Gumpai Powers. Whenever someone is in need, lonely, or experiencing hardship, they can rely on Gumpai's healing Kisses. Gumpai is extremely attractive and blessed. She bestows her viewers with willpower, motivation, determination, energy, and guidance to their goals. There is never a reason why Gumpai would fail at anything. Gumpai's mind is filled with helping out people. Gumpai attracts the unusual while presenting normal. Gumpai would never hurt any living creature. Gumpai is not lustful, but gives mutual affection to those that love her. Gumpai is a blessing in disguise.

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An Angel who has risen to heaven due to some unfortunate bullying in her past life. Happy to finally be in Internet heaven, she is finding somewhere to fit in!

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