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Guhin is an independent English-speaking Vtuber who does animation content on Youtube. He does shorts/TikToks/reels and videos, implementing both animation and Vtubing in his content. He calls his fans parasocialites (A pun on Parasol and socialites)

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Guhin is a Kasa-Obake, a yokai born from an umbrella. Before gaining consciousness, he belonged to a struggling artist in Japan. One day, the artist became fed up with his life of misfortune, abandoning his studio and Guhin with it. Not long after, Guhin would awaken, discovering himself in the dusty office. He looked everywhere for this artist, donning what clothes he could find to traverse that stormy night. After hours turned to days, he stopped searching the nearby streets. Returning to the studio, Guhin searched the drawers and cupboards to no avail. What remained was the artist’s desktop, he switched it on. Yet what is saw were the artist’s half-hearted projects, most of them were fanart of Vtubers. With this, Guhin started researching them, discovering content creation in the process. Now with this in mind, Guhin is determined to seek out his master through his content.

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