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GOMI (ゴミ) is an Automaton fashioned into a Humanoid Red Panda. A self proclaimed inventor, tinker, and blacksmith. An Outlaw on the run, Dimension Crosser, and Streamer.

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GOMI was created when his father had lost his birth son in a tragedy. An automaton fashioned in the likeness of his lost son. However everyone knew his son could not possibly still be alive and questioned his existence. Nothing stays a secret forever. Fascinated by his creation, greedy men of power sought after GOMI. But his father wouldn't allow it. His son was not for sale. But that didn't stop these monsters of greed. Preying and waiting as his father laid ill. GOMI was sent away by his father in attempt to escape this fate. Using a prototype he invented. GOMI now dimension hops in search of safe refuge and new friends.

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