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Golden Henry

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Golden Henry is a Vietnamese vtuber of gen 1.5+ in the DYD (Draw your dream) project. He joined youtube on October 2022 and debuted on 5/4/2023. He mostly streams about gaming and talk show with a lot of collabs. He speaks both Vietnamese and English.

Lore Edit

Full name: Golden Henry (Real name: Henz Baphevlad Verrucosus) Gender: Male Race: Devil x vampire Age: xxxx Job: Support - Healing Previous Life: King of Hell. DYD: Guard - Alien. Character: The introverted, dedicated, and trusted eldest brother of the EPICA team. Background: Hell.

Golden Henry, real name Henz Baphevlad Verrucosus, is a hybrid product from the experiments of black magicians and at the same time the king of the Underworld. At DYD, he is also the guardian of the 3rd island - Hell. In the EPICA team, Henry plays the role of Supporting - Healing.

Status (Level 1-10)

  • HP: Level 9 MP: Level 9
  • ATK: Level 2 MATK: Level 6
  • DEF: Level 7 MDEF: Level 7
  • Speed: Level 3 Accuracy: Level 2
  • Ultimate skill: Holic Sacrifice (Holy Sacrifice) Henry sacrifices all the blood in his body and he will also disappear. However, all allies will also receive a special effect: They gain Henry's blood and his soul will also flow through their veins. Within a 2m radius of each ally, the surrounding blood of the enemy will be absorbed by the ally and converted into their own health, restoring HP equal to the amount of damage they deal.
  • Passive skill: Double Identity Henry is a combination of vampire, demon, and angel. So, Henry has two forms: New Testament (silver hair) and Old Testament (black hair). Old Testament Form: Henry's Default Form - Crash Rate and Crash Damage increased by 50%. New Testament Form: Henry's abnormal form - MP and healing amount increased by 50%.
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