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Gokigen Naname

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Naname is an independent female Virtual YouTuber who makes content in Japanese. Her content has a focus on gaming and English learning streams. She first debuted in late 2019 before redebuting with redesigned model on 10 April 2021. Her age is 6 donuts, her birthday is 21 April, her height is 2 donuts, her zodiac sign is Taurus and her emoji is one donut. Her tags are #nanameart and #Nanamefam. Her mama is @amsrntk3 and her papa is @ShirasawaKazane. She shares illustrators with Kamiko Kana, Gawr Gura and Araka Luto, the last of which she also shares modelers with. Her favourite foods are donuts (all types of them) and snacks, her favourite animes are Toradora and Nichijou, her favourite video games are the Pokémon series, the Kirby series, Apex Legends and Minecraft and her favourite colors are pink, yellow and white. Naname is laid-back, nice to her viewers and a little clumsy.

Naname is usually seen carrying around a white teddy bear that is named Chippo, who has pink button eyes and a donut on top of its head. Naname calls her fans Nanamefam, a combination of her name with the word family. If you try to go to sleep in her stream, she will force you to have insomnia together with her. From this, comes an alternative nickname for her fanbase, InsomniaFam.

Naname has the appearance of a girl mixed with the theme of donuts. She wears pink pyjamas with a white stripe down the middle and a donut badge on her left side. She wears a silver fork as her tie. On her right hand, she wears a donut ring. She also has a donut themed small white collar. She is barefoot. She has brownish-yellow eyes and very light blonde hair with few of the ends colored white. She has a pair of tiny fangs in her mouth. She has a pink donut pin on her right side of her head.

(Source: Virtual YouTuber Wiki)

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I came to eat all of the world's donuts!!!!!! My favorite donut is the black sesame soybean flour donut??? Give me lots of donuts!!!!!!

-YouTube 'About' tab

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