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Ginko Kanamori



Ginko Kanamori is a female indie VTuber who mainly streams on Twitch. Her content consists mainly of her working on art, chatting, and playing a variety of games. She especially loves playing horror games. Despite her bright and cheery laid-back attitude on Twitter, she is often hilariously sleep-deprived and pea-brained during streams due to her bad sleep habits. Her birthday is on September 21st, and she is 152 cm (5 ft) tall. She is currently a college student.

Lore Edit

After the last of her forest was torn down for the urban development of a nearby town, a certain tanuki had to choose between living on the streets, or using the art of transformation to blend in within the human population.

Ginko chose to live the rest of her life in comfort in the city. She eventually got used to city life, and now lives in a small apartment with her family. Ginko retains a human form when going outside, but back home, it seems like the internet doesn’t mind some of her tanuki characteristics.

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