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Gilbetta is a female half water dragon half sea elf VTuber that makes content in English. She does both video game live streams as well as long form video essays and shorts with quick and simple lore breakdowns and tutorials for various games. One of her main focuses is on playing older (retro) games that she never got to experience as a young dragon. She also loves puzzle games, theorizing about stories, and watching stories unfold.

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Gilbetta is unique and passionate. She is part water dragon and part elf. Her eyes are green, reflecting her playful and mischievous nature. She often wears clothes that are easily adaptable and allow her to jump in the water at a moment’s notice. She accessorizes with beautiful trinkets she finds on her adventures in the sea with her pirate crew.

Gilbetta loves making others laugh, whether through her witty puns or her gaming streams. She is the renowned pirate captain of her ship and welcomes all her pirate crew to join her and create a community of caring, understanding pirates who love adventure and story telling as much as she does. She is a free spirit who values creativity and imagination. She is always seeking new challenges and experiences, eager to learn and grow. Her love for video games, good stories, and puzzles stems from her desire to explore new worlds and uncover hidden mysteries.

Growing up, Gilbetta faced many challenges and struggles. She often felt like she didn't quite fit in with either the water dragons or the elves, and this led her to seek solace in the world of video games and fantasy. It was here that she discovered a sense of belonging and purpose. She spent countless hours playing games and reading books, immersing herself in the lore and stories of different worlds.

As a child, Gilbetta was shy and insecure, always feeling like she didn't belong. But through her passion for video games, she gained confidence and found her voice. As she became a pirate captain, she learned how to lead and take charge, becoming a respected and admired figure among her crew. She also learned the importance of teamwork and forming strong bonds with her crewmates.

Gilbetta was sheltered, though, and didn’t play many of the classic games that many others did at a young age. This includes things like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Persona, and so much more. She hopes to take the time to play the things she missed out on, while also keeping an eye out for new games and experiences to enjoy.

Through her experiences and adventures, Gilbetta has grown into a confident and independent individual. She has learned to embrace her differences and use them to her advantage. She has also honed her problem-solving skills and has become adept at solving puzzles.

As she continues on her journey, Gilbetta hopes to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and explore the limitless possibilities of the imagination. She believes that there is magic in the world, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to dream and push the boundaries. With her love for puns and her playful spirit, she brings joy and laughter wherever she goes, leaving a trail of wonder and inspiration in her wake.

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