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GhostiePurrs is a ghost cat VTuber know for her voice acting and odd personality. She is commonly a goofball just trying to have fun. He is also a variety streamer doing gaming, karaoke and more. She streams to spread to joy to all around them. Their catchphrase is "Purr~!"

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A young hospital patient who owned a support animal. One day found herself questioning the reason of life As he found not reason to keep going he decided to sneak off to the roof and jump. Sadly, Ghostie did not know her support animal Ba would follow. When the two jumped they found themselves in a small, cozy room with a angel yet demon like girl named sui. Turns out Ba was a immortal alien cat all along who saved Ghostie from death but left her as a ghost cat. Not only a ghost cat but also a hunter for all different things. Since Ghostie died a sad death he was bound to wear a golden locket to prevent a low energy form, meaning looking like a baby. Ghostie now spends their time streaming, voice acting and hunting!

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