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Gel and Brandon

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[VTuberEN] Hi I’m Brandon and I live a symbiotic relationship with a Cybernetic-Dragonoid named Gel…long story. Here to make others happy with my content :) Please unwind and be kind

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Gel is a cybernetic Dragonoid from a Castlevania like dimension. During a war of vampires vs jupacaras vs Werewolves. With humans defenseless in the middle. Gel was hired by the people for protection. After defeating a strong vampire. Was sent to our world by accident. Gel hid from the people of our world due the obscurity and fear people shared when seeing him. However after saving the life of a man in his 20's. Attempting to end his life off of a bridge. Gel knew his cover was blown. However the human named Brandon who was saved. Owed Gel anyway and obliged to be his host body in the mean time. Until he can find a way back home. For now they both try to be heros and learn from each other. They might even become great friends...

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