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Gamma the Fool

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2023/11/18 L2D Model
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Every 0.97 Day(s)
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Gamma is a self proclaimed Fool that streams games on Twitch and uploads videos to Youtube

Birthday: July
Age: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm
Emoji: ?

Lore Edit

Gamma has no released lore however

-They have stated to have broken their arm on April Fools (April 1st) by jumping of the back of Billycart

-Claim their use of a TV as temporary and not their real body (further stating that any electrical appliance would work, but has a preference for ones with screens)

-Gamma has stated that they would make a Toaster Mode after learning that there are toasters with touch screens, this has yet to happen
-The appearance of a Phone Mode occurred in the Highlight video |The Temple of Hands|
-Has stated to be incredibly unlucky (no proof provided)

-Claims to be: a programmer, a graphic design, Aussie

-Despite being a native english speaker, has been caught make various spelling mistakes, often with simple words

-On Aug 29 Gamma posted |Model Details| on Twitter for |GMA-001| aka Gremlin (the mascot used for emotes), while what |GMA| stands for is unknown, the piece implies there are more and that Gamma has something to do with the creation of these machines

-The roles on the Discord are all themed around Goblinoids or related creatures, including Gremlins

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