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Games_xx_Panda is a half-human and half-panda vtubestreamer who streams in German. He has been streaming as a vtuber for some time now and focuses on games and talk on his channel. As the name suggests, he loves pandas more than anything. He plays a wide range of games. But he also likes to play horror games.

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I was born as a panda in a loving place in the world of Pandaria. My home world reminds you a lot of an Asian country, with lots of bamboo.

I had a beautiful childhood and was always very curious. At some point I discovered a portal that led to the human world.

I was warned about it because I wouldn't be able to cope in the human world. I ignored this warning and went through. I discovered a whole new world for myself and, of course, had to adapt my form.

I found a nice second home and now live in the human world.

My wish is to show people my world one day. Of course, due to the technology in the human world, I have become totally addicted to gaming. That's why you can also find games in my name.

I would like to teach many people more about the world of the pandas.

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