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G.Bac Hakase

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Bac is a self proclaimed human scientist who describes himself as a 3rd rate scientist with a 4th rate lab. Bac mainly streams in English and streams a wide variety of games and genres. Bac seems to always be busy working on something. Bac is also seen rambling about incoherently about time line and parallel worlds. Bac also claims to be a grandmaster at bullshiting claiming the only person who could bullshit himself is himself. A 3 times Olympic gold medalist at jumping to conclusions. Claims work experience as a detective, magical girl, engineer and idol producer. Bac aims to have either comfy streams or chaotic collabs, but always fun.

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A highly decorated former █████ who has the unique blood line ability to crystalize his divine weapon. However he was exiled and lost his arm as part of a peace deal. █████████ "stole" an artifact which allowed him to travel to alternated worlds which he promptly did. He soon settled in to a futuristic dystopian world and participated in an experimental weapons program got married with a kid. However he was betrayed and lost his wife as a result and took his daughter and fled to another world. He raised his daughter and kept moving to different worlds working different jobs. One day his daughter decided to venture out on her own and managed to replicate the effects of his artifact and left. Since then █████████ started wandering to different worlds in search of his daughter. Through his travels he has met alot of people like magical girls in training to fake historians.

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