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Fukuran Shinrin



Fukuran is a female Virtual Streamer owl who makes content both in English and Spanish, mainly in English. Her aesthetic is mainly focused on time-travel and steampunk. She enjoys making art, playing indie content, and Nintendo games. She's also fond of singing and the horror genre, she's hoping to eventually shift her focus to bigger adventure games and doing more art.

Lore Edit

Fukuran used to live in a steampunk world, born an owl, she unfortunately was unable to fly, for the same reason she found love in airships and devoted her youth to becoming a mechanic and building from clockworks to airships with the help of her mentor. For many years her mentor worked on a time traveling device, until the day of his passing. Wanting to fulfill her mentor's wishes, she decided to focus on building his time device, but on a fateful day, she made a mistake, the machine malfunctioned and she ended up in what seemed to be another world, and another time. Fukuran decided to learn more about this world and its so called humans, finding interest in the technology and culture of this world, Fukuran decided to be someone people could look up to through streaming, while searching for someone that can help her back home.

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