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Fortune is a Virtual Content Creator, Mainly with the focus of Gaming, Music, and Creative Content. He is associated with Okimi Cafe, as part of their 3rd Generation of Vtubers. Fortune is a very Energetic person often found messing around with other vtubers and having fun! His Birthday is the 20th of April. His height is 178 cm (5'10). His zodiac sign is Taurus.

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♢ Leader of the Resistance, Orphan, Insane Anarchist, He goes by many titles but Fortune is the only thing that follows him through it all. Since birth he only knew the chains that held him unknowing to how lucky he was to be able to continue day to day in the oppression brought upon the people by the Church and their King. With Sickness & Death looming behind every moment of daily life Hope was nothing more than a dream that could only be told in storys. These storys would make their way to this boy, between his Torment & unending labor, after Fights induldged by The Kings Pride, or even during the moments of starvation...

This Fortunate young soul decided that something needed to be done, Agony didn't have to be all there was. He gathered the lost & the willing to start something that was bigger than anything he could achieve alone. With this they made their last grasp at freedom to sacrifice everything for a chance to be more than nothing with only Fortune Guiding their way.

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