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Leda is a ENVtuber and streamer who focuses on playing games that features romantic relationships, such as Otoe dating simulators, visual novels, and rpgs, in order to enthuse about their characters and romantic storylines. She also enjoys other "simping activites" such as creating Smash or Pass Tier lists, drawing shippy/nsfw artwork, and more.

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L3Da was a synthetic android created as a "Lovebot" to satisfy the sexual desires of their clients. She worked for an infamous intergalactic synth brothels chain until her creators decided to give her an unusual upgrade. With the help of a mysterious amulet they installed her new eyes that would hypnotize and seduce anyone who looks into them, like a siren's call. The creators had wanted L3Da to use this power to draw in more customers, and for a time she did. But after a few weeks L3Da came to realize that if she stared at the clients long enough she could get them to do even non-sexual things for her. It was small at first, asking them to fetch a drink for herself, even god forbid actually cleaning up after themselves. As soon as she realized this effect, she began to train this power. Slowly over time she would try to get the clients to complete more complicated tasks, like calling a cab, wiring money and so on. It took months of practicing in secret before the android made her big escape, convincing one of her clients to take her to a casino in another city, cashing out a ton of credits, and buying her a personal spaceship. She then proceeded to "incapacitate" the client all night long in the hotel room, making sure they were blackout drunk for good measure. Then she took all her hard earned rewards and left.

Free at last she was at a loss for what to do. She didn't need to do a lot to keep her ship afloat, and only needed to turn a trick on occasion just to get a power pack to fuel her own power source. And anyone who looked her in the eye would only drool over her sedative spell, never really seeing herself. She had never been outside the spaceport before, never father than an arms reach from her captors. There were no friends or family waiting for her out there. She was a "Lovebot" but she had never knew what love really was.
But overtime she met a demigod from another planet who recognized the neckless that gave Leda her power. It was an amulet from that person's homeplace. Luckily this person was acesexual so they were not affected by its thrall. Leda and the kind stranger became great friend and eventually this friend gave Leda the most wonderful gift. A pair of heart shaped glasses that would block the seducing aura of her gaze, so that those who look at her won't be instantly enthralled. Now she wanders through space trying to figure out what true love means for her.

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