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Fiona is a non-binary VTuber/clipper. They're into many games which they also stream. They also react to funny videos.

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A spaceship float in space for a long along time. There was only a bunny inside with no memories. They weren't sure how they get there no memories or how they got here. The rabbit was a lonely bunny who wishes for the company of others and wish to have any companion to talk to others. For time and space in which an eternity passes nothing got better until the ship bump something. The bunny landed on a blue planet where there are humans and humanoids around. And all these people gather around them and comment how cute they are. "What a cute bunny girl!" "She looks like a VTuber!" they said. "Bunny girl?" they thought. When was the last time they look at a mirror? As she look at a puddle for the reflections to see that she is no longer just a bunny.

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