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Fie Aleda

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Fie is a female VTuber. Despite being a Chinese Phoenix, she cannot speak Chinese and loves manga and JRPGs. She may be a bit of a bird brain at times, however she uses this to her advantage by fiddling with things until they either break or miraculously start working. Her content focuses heavily on karaoke and games, but she also dabbles in handcam and chatting streams from time to time. She's also unexpectedly skilled at rhythm games, including Taiko no Tatsujin, Muse Dash and Project Diva.

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While the majority of her kind choose to stay in the Heavens, watching and supporting people from afar, Fie decided to descend to Earth on her own to try and bring happiness directly to everyone she possibly can. Her song is said to bring joy to those who hear it, regardless of how clumsy it may be at times.

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