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Fibnack is a male VTuber that streams a variety of games from RPG like Final Fantasy to horror games based around Phasmophobia, always welcoming those that are part of the LGBTQ community and those that just need a farther figure to be there.

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A demi-human wolf that left his home to go on adventures with the support of his family just wanting to make the world a better place, one day coming across an abandoned tavern during his travels it called to him deep down in his gut to check it out. Upon entering the dust inside started to shift the cloths covering tables and chairs moved into place and the candles lit up at that moment Fibnack felt this was the next step on his journey to help everyone.

After doing some exploring with new rooms and floors just seeming to appear from what he was thinking he could do with a place like this a place for those needing a place to safe from adventuring or in general. After months of prepping the grand day arrived and the Astral Guild was opened but little did Fibnack know that the doors leading to the guild also led to other dimensions and soon all beings from everywhere arrived and soon after the fun and adventures for all involved where many!

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